“The words relate to the image. Sometimes the link is obvious, like a portrait of Gandhi with words from an essay he wrote on non-violent resistance, or the 2nd Amendment with an image of a gun. Other links are more tenuous or personal.” – David Hollier

David Hollier hails from Wolverhampton, England and currently resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Other than producing art, Hollier teaches part-time at Parsons The Newschool for Design. His role as a teacher and an artist makes him constantly question the world around him. Hollier's work can be seen in the form of murals, street art and in galleries all over the world. 

In the series, "Image Verbosa", David Hollier creates images of cultural and political icons as composites of their famous words in the form of painted and typed text. Part social commentary and part documentary, Hollier's work literally blurs the lines between pop culture and politics and invites us to consider the endurance and influence of words.

A self-professed documentarian of current affairs, his work is defined by a strong graphical aesthetic in various mediums including watercolor, spray paint, oil and acrylic.

Installation shots