• Benda, Beatles
    Metal Wall Sculpture
    59 x 86 in
    150 x 220 cm
  • Benda, Einstein , 2019
    Einstein , 2019
    Metal Wall Sculpture
    47 x 47 inches
    120 x 120 cm
  • Benda, John Lennon, 2019
    John Lennon, 2019
    Metal Wall Sculpture
    39 x 39 inches
    100 x 100 cm
Benda is a young emerging artist blurring the lines between traditional mediums to create stainless steel wall sculptures. With simple metal rods protruding from each layer, he disorients the viewer by challenging the standard notions of sculpture.


Benda was born in Jerusalem and is exclusively represented by Gefen Gallery worldwide. 

His artwork represents male and female icons. Each piece is installed and designed by hand, formed by 10 to 20 layers of metal pieces, high level of finish and accuracy. Each level is printed on metal board, painted, embellished, and installed by hand.  His works can be displayed indoor or outdoor. 

Installation shots